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To beautify your home page you will usually create a park with certain themes, one of which did not escape from your thoughts is a garden with Asian theme, with warm nunsa typical asian

The following are tips for garden design and nuanced asia to make a asian garden

a.Materials Needed:

  • matching containers

  • soil-based potting mix

  • slow-release fertilizer granules

  • broken clay pot pieces

  • Japanese timber bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) 'Holochrysa'

  • variegated bamboo (Pleioblastus variegatus)

  • large-leaved bamboo (Indocalamus tessellatus)

  • 'Tsuboii' variegated bamboo (Pleioblastus variegatus)

  • umbrella bamboo (Fargesia murielae)

1.Select Your Plants

Low-growing bamboos are the best choice for pots, and there's a wide variety with colored stalks and brightly striped leaves. Arrange several close together to create a small, dense jungle. See scientific home improvement.

2.Plant the Bamboos

Place broken clay pot pieces in the base of a pot and add a layer of soil. Water the bamboo, remove it from its pot and set in the center of the container. Fill in around it with soil and some fertilizer. Firm in and water. Bamboos are thirsty, so water often. Since they grow vigorously, lift, divide and repot them in new soil every three or four years.

B.Asian Garden Design

1.Gateway to Relaxation

An irregular bluestone pathway flanked with pachysandra leads to an Asian-style gate with pergola. The gate draws the eye through to frame the rear yard and entice one to enter. Tip: You do not need a fence to have a gate. Simply tuck an arbor gate into the landscape, which will draw you into the garden to discover what lies ahead.  Also add atlantic bedding and furniture.

2.Outdoor Dining

  • his Japanese-style garden has a tatami room and a sunken dining area. A dry riverbed of crushed quartz and large quartz boulders is cut into the deck. Paper lanterns and a green-and-pink vase add to this outdoor dining area. Instead of standard chairs, guests are invited to sit on red cushions.


This intimate space uses rich colors, lush textures and natural materials to inspire relaxation. The curved timber daybed is suspended over a blanket of Pieris japonica overlooking a reflection pond afloat with water lilies and lotus.

4.A Path of Tranquility

Dark-red plum trees and fiery Japanese maples contrast beautifully with lavender.

5.Private Retreat

This beautiful garden with its large pond, crane fountains, Buddha statue and tropical-style plants looks more like an arboretum than a private backyard.

6.Low Maintenance, High Style

  • he owners of this garden wanted a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance garden with no lawn at all. The blend of textures underfoot kept the space interesting and gave it an untamed, natural look. The freestanding fireplace is the focal point for outdoor gatherings and is incorporated into the design by extending the existing deck area into an organic shape and adding hand-rendered built-in seating in a mud-brick style

7.A Getaway in the Back

Hedges enclose this tiny space, where a simple fountain and concrete bench coax you to sit, read or meditate.

8.Garden Guardian

A statue of the Chinese goddess Kwan Yin stands watch over a cluster of pretty coneflowers.

9.Water Garden

This garden takes advantage of the natural hillside by making it the backdrop for the tranquil courtyard.

10.The almost yin-yang concrete pathway leads visitors to a quiet seating area.

11.Elegant Entry and Beyond

Beyond this richly stained outdoor gate is a courtyard patio featuring a tranquil Japanese garden with a waterfall.

12.A koi pond with a small footbridge is a peaceful way to divide outdoor living spaces. Design

13 bamboo spigot feeds a basalt stone dish. A sand-set flagstone patio stretches out beyond and perennial beds surround it all.

14.Caladiums and bamboo surround a Buddha statue in this Asian-style garden

15..A fountain brings the calming sound of running water to this meditation garden

  • 6.Asian-inspired landscape design often includes a lot of rocks and boulders, which also means it can be very low maintenance.


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